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If you’ve been looking for help with your tax preparation SmarTax LLC in Pembroke Pines can help you through the process. We can help with your personal tax needs as well as for your small business. When you’re working with us, you will receive professional and quality service at a fair and reasonable price. Looking for a tax accountant near me can be overwhelming for anyone. Trusting a company to handle your taxes is a personal matter, and we want to make sure that throughout the process you feel that you are being treated with respect and dignity. SmarTax is here to be your partner, and we make it a point to make sure you know that. Once your tax return is complete, you will receive your refund as quickly as possible. We guarantee that your taxes will be prepared accurately. Also, as an added service we will have your back if you get audited.

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Not only can SmarTax help with your personal and business tax preparation, but we provide superior bookkeeping services, which can help you stay on top of your finances throughout the year rather than leaving everything for the last minute. We offer full-service bookkeeping at an affordable price making it accessible to everyone who could use extra help. Our services are great from small and medium-sized companies as well as anyone who is self-employed. Especially if the organization doesn’t need a full-time bookkeeper, but could use an extra set of eyes when balancing and organizing their books. With this service, it is our goal to help business owners concentrate on running their business and leave their taxes and compliance tasks to us. We want to make sure our clients are successful, which means taking over some of the tax responsibilities that can be hard to handle and understand. We want to manage your finances so you can manage your business and personal life.

With our professional income tax services most returns are prepared while you are sitting in the office. In addition to same day service, we also have a “drop-off” option. This will give you the convenience and flexibility you need if you don’t have the time to come into our offices and wait for your return to be prepared. All you have to do is leave your documents at the office, and your tax associate will call you once your return has been prepared and ready to be e-filed. On top of bookkeeping and income tax services, SmarTax is available year-round to help with any financial or tax concerns you may have.

The reason we have gained so much recognition as a leading tax company is that we pride ourselves on three core values that drive our customer service. The first is professionalism, with our extensive expertise and experience our team can provide the help that clients need to ensure their taxes are done the first time correctly. Another one of our values is responsiveness. We make it a point to be responsive to all of our clients. We understand that we are handling very delicate and personal documents and we need to make sure we are in constant communication, so you feel secure in our services at all times. Finally, quality is of the utmost importance to us. At SmarTax we hold ourselves to extremely high standards, so we know that the services we are providing are the highest quality and everything that is done for our clients is not only done quickly but correctly as well.

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SmarTax LLC provides tax preparation services in the Pembroke Pines area. We assist our clients with all of their tax needs to make sure they meet all their deadlines and requirements. If you’ve been searching for “a tax accountant near me” call or visit us today to find out how we can help!

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