Have you taken a look at your files lately? Are they looking a little insane? At SmarTax, LLC, our professionals are here to show you the benefits of office filing systems. We are experts in optimizing your files to ensure efficiency and overall company success. Our bookkeeping services are the best in Pembroke Pines.


It Is Time For Organization

The goal of organizing your company’s digital filing system is to be able to find what you need when you need it, even if it’s months or years from today. Whether you store files old school in a file cabinet, online in the cloud, or with the help of a dedicated company server, good file management practices will save you time, money, and endless frustration. That is where we come in.


Ask yourself this. Has your business or organization ever experience one of these situations?

  • A customer or supplier calls to discuss their account, but you can’t seem to lay your hands on the specific invoice or sales document they’re calling about.


  • One of your employees is off sick and unavailable – or worse, has left your employ permanently – and no one can find their project files for this afternoon’s client meeting.


  • It is year-end again, and you are spending more time tracking down account documents than you are running your business. Last year, your company paid the price for its disorganized filing system with missed tax deductions and a costly tax audit.


There was a recent study that showed 18,000 business leaders revealed more than half of them were losing six working house every week due to disorganization. This is a big problem. THis is due to the lack of an orderly filing system. Without one, this can negatively impact your business reputation, growth potential, and the overall outlook.


Our Team Is Here For You

We offer everything from file organization to bookkeeping services. We provide tax preparation for individuals and small businesses. We pride ourselves in preparing your return quickly and accurately. Customer satisfaction is our number one priority. At SmarTax, you’ll get professional, quality service, at a reasonable price.


The reason we have gained so much recognition as a leading tax company is that we pride ourselves on three core values that drive our customer service. The first is professionalism, with our extensive expertise and experience our team can provide the help that clients need to ensure their taxes are done the first time correctly. Another one of our values is responsiveness. We make it a point to be responsive to all of our clients. We understand that we are handling very delicate and personal documents and we need to make sure we are in constant communication, so you feel secure in our services at all times. Finally, quality is of the utmost importance to us. At SmarTax we hold ourselves to extremely high standards, so we know that the services we are providing are the highest quality and everything that is done for our clients is not only done quickly but correctly as well.


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We have all the information regarding small business bookkeeping services. Our tax advisor wants to ensure you have all the info for file organization. It could save your company more money then you think. The professionals at SmarTax, LLC.want to ensure that you have all the information you need going into tax season this year. It is essential to be aware of all tax laws as they may affect you. For further information call or contact us today. We offer the best tax accountants in Pembroke Pines.