Payroll liabilities aren’t fun for anyone, but it’s important to remember that there are solutions to handling these kinds of problems. When it comes to payroll services and payroll accounting, we at SmarTax LLC want you to feel confident in your ability to handle problems regarding these topics. We have helped many clients throughout Pembroke Pines, FL, and our experience has helped us educate others on how to handling payroll complications.


What are some Payroll Problems?

There are a number of payroll liabilities you may come into contact with depending on a number of scenarios. We’d like to break down a few different possibilities:

  • Messed Up Documents
    • If you aren’t already doing things digitally, managing paper documents can be a hassle, especially because they can be prone to being lost, trashed, or destroyed whether intentionally or unintentionally. What if a fire occurs in your building? You could lose all that information.
  • Miscalculated Overtime
    • It’s very important to comply with overtime laws, and ensuring you have a clear grasp on these laws can help you avoid miscalculations. Remember that all employees are required to be paid 1.5 times their normal wages for every second they work beyond the 40 hour marker.
  • Absence Issues
    • While rare, there may be times where an employee on paid leave is forced to clock in at some point or another. This can cause a headache when it comes to managing payroll.
  • Time Theft
    • In some cases, time theft can be intentional, and other times, it may stem from minor mistakes like forgetting to clock out at lunch break. These kinds of mistakes can cause companies a lot of money over time.


Payroll Accounting Solutions

It can be difficult to completely eliminate payroll complications, but there are many ways to mitigate these issues as much as possible.

  • Go Digital
    • If you haven’t already, a digital system will remove a lot of opportunities for errors to occur. Paperwork is prone to damage, misplacement, and human error where a digital system doesn’t need to worry. 
  • Stay Compliant
    • When it comes to things like overtime, paid leave, and other employee rights, remain aware of what they’re entitled to and comply with these to avoid payroll mishaps that could lead to legal trouble.
  • Work on Human Error
    • Build a system that helps check for human error whenever possible in all areas of your business. Create a system to clocking in and out that makes it difficult for time theft to occur, whether by intentional time thieves or accidental ones.


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It’s no secret that managing taxes and payroll accounting can be a dubious task. Sometimes, you need help from the professionals when it comes to payroll services. This is where we come in. At SmarTax LLC, we’ve helped many Pembroke Pines clients with their taxes and payroll liabilities, and we have the experience and know-how to help you too. You can contact us for more information on our services or to ask more questions about how you can avoid payroll liabilities.