When dealing with payroll processing for your business, you want to make sure that it is being handled as efficiently as possible. That is why some companies decide to hire outsourced payroll services to handle the paying out of salaries to their employees as well as handling the taxes. If payroll is not done correctly, it can end up hurting your business substantially and costing you a significant amount of money. That is why SmarTax, LLC. in Pembroke Pines wants to make sure that you, as a business owner, have all of the information necessary to make the best decision possible for your company’s needs. Keep reading to find out more about in-house and outsourced payroll.


In-House Or Outsource Payroll Processing, Which Is Better?

When you’re dealing with payroll services, it is critical that you understand your business’ payroll has to be done one hundred percent accurately in order for your employees to receive their wages and full benefits, which means that payroll can ultimately determine whether or not employees want to continue working for you. Because of this many companies choose to have payroll handled outside of their business, so they don’t have to take on that responsibility in case something goes wrong. On the other hand, there are also downfalls to having an outside company take on such an important part of the functioning of your business. This is why it is critical for you to get a full understanding of both sides before you make a decision about which is right for you and your business.


One of the most significant benefits of having payroll down in-house is the money that it saves you. If you are running and small or medium size company having an experienced bookkeeper on your team can most of the times fulfill any of your company’s financial needs? On top of this, if you are running a small company with only ten or fewer employees, you may even be able to handle your payroll on a free software program. These possibilities provide you the flexibility to manage payroll at a lower cost meaning you have extra money to allocate to other parts of your business. In addition, in-house payroll can give your business the ability to easily and quickly access any older data that you may need. If you ever find yourself needing to look back on payroll from the past, you can find any documentation in your office since everything is done in-house. Also, along the same lines, everything being kept in-house allows you to provide heightened security and privacy to your employees’ confidential information. Despite the fact that in-house payroll is considered a way to save money there are always hidden costs that go along with payroll management. For instance, if your company employs more than ten employees, you are going to be required to purchase the software that you are using. You will also need to have a computer for your accountant or bookkeeper to use as well. On top of this, you will be responsible and in charge of keeping track of any changes that need to be made to your employees’ personal information.


When it comes to outsourcing payroll one of the major benefits is the ability to save your own time. Instead of you needing to spend house calculating paychecks, wages, deductions, and keeping track of ever-changing tax regulations a payroll company will be in charge of handling all of that for you. Also, having payroll outsourced will give you peace of mind knowing that you will always be kept up to date with any tax compliance that needs to be done. One major disadvantage of having these services outsource is the reaction time when last-minute changes need to be made. If payroll is done in-house it is easy to walk over to the payroll department to make sure a last minute change gets completed, but if you are outsourcing that work getting in contact may be extremely difficult and at times even impossible.


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