Filing taxes is one of the most complex activities a person has to do. It’s an occurrence that takes place every year and often ends up being extremely last minute. It takes time and patience to gather the financial information needed to complete the Internal Revenue Service (IRS) form correctly. If you just got married, you have to decide on whether to file your taxes separately, or jointly. In spite of needing twice the paperwork, filing together offers benefits otherwise neglected. If you see yourself needing guidance and wondering: where can I find services for tax preparation near me? Quickly reach out to SmarTax, a leading company from Pembroke Pines. We are here to help with taxes and bookkeeping services for individuals and small businesses. 


What are the Benefits of Filing Taxes as A Married Couple?


If you are legally married by the end of the fiscal year, you will have two available options to file your taxes: 


  • Separately: not that much different from the way you used to do them before marrying. 
  • Jointly: tricky to do, especially the first time around.


Filing jointly means the couple must gather their individual financial information and consolidate it as one. As an overall process, it adds complexity but offers the opportunity to save tax money; which is the main reason married couples venture to file their taxes jointly.


Among data the questions newly-weds need to check before filing jointly are related to the status of home and student loans, unpaid debts, alimonies or child support.


The return report will show as final income the sum of the earnings of both parties as one entity, and in such a way will be treated in front of the IRS to pay the tax fee. 


The sum introduced in each section of the form will generate a broader range of taxable income, in comparison to filing as married-separately. This wider range ultimately will lower the tax bill. 


Other benefits of filing jointly rely on the possibility of getting additional deductions for other expenses recognized by the IRS.


Are the Services of Tax Preparation Near Me Secure?


Tax preparation services have been subject to scams. To avoid being a victim of this shameful and regrettable situation, in Pembroke Pines, you will find reliable companies, with years of experience, offering transparent assistance to conform your taxes, and bookkeeping services.

To select the right company is always recommended to check the following information about your tax preparer:


  • CPA number.
  • Tax identification number.
  • ID Number.
  • References of former clients.


It’s also valid to see for yourself if the tax preparer’s operations are run from a registered and identifiable location.  


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