Just because tax season is over, does not mean you should start getting prepared for next year today. Here at SmarTax, LLC, our experts want to make sure you are fully prepared when it comes January with our tax preparation services. Ask yourself this, do you know what documents are necessary to help you get the most out of your refund? This is when a tax accountant near me comes into play. We are the best in Pembroke Pines.


Where Do You Begin?

Unless tax day falls on a weekend or holiday, you have until April 15 to file. However, most of the papers you need to document the income, interest and withheld taxes you report arrive in your mailbox as early as January, with investment-related 1099s often coming in February. Although the postal service may deliver some of them—your W-2, for example—email announcements that the documents are available online may land in your inbox.


Mortgage providers, banks, and other financial institutions often post those important 1099 forms on your online account. So it’s a good idea to create an email tax folder for messages relating directly to tax information.


Be sure to track every type of paperless record as they come. Paperless banking may have turned shoe boxes into receipt relics of the past, while your online statements often contain key backup records for potential deductions such as:

  • Charitable donations
  • Outlays for health care
  • Gambling winnings and losses
  • Property tax expenditures include for your auto.

Many of us ignore the line items from these statements until we start our annual tax-filing ritual. But you may save time by taking a few extra minutes each month to jot down tax-related information including:

  • Expense title
  • Check numbers
  • Payee names
  • Dollar amounts
  • Dates

Create a spreadsheet dedicated to tax records. Throughout the year, consider downloading and printing online documents that will be available for only a limited time.


Keep This In Mind For Tax Preparation Services

  • Deductions
    • Keep a mileage log in your car. Jot down the miles when you use your vehicle for volunteering, work, business or medical appointments as well as parking, bus and taxi fares and tolls can help you qualify for a deduction.
    • Hold on to cash receipts that document your transportation, charitable work, and other tax-deductible activities. Hold on to any paperwork and documents that arrive in the mail, or receipts needed to prepare the return, even if you’re not sure. It’s always better to have too much information than not enough.
  • Life Events
    • Documents related to life events such as marriage, death of a spouse or divorce, deductible alimony payment records, adoption papers, and child custody agreements should all be saved.
    • A newborn brings joy into your life and potential tax advantages. When you sit down to prepare your return, have these documents for dependent children close at hand:
      • Social Security card
      • Child Care receipts
      • Contributions to college savings plans
  • Filing History


Call A Tax Accountant Near Me

Be aware of all the documents you need to get your money for your refund. We offer the best tax preparation services. Our tax advisor wants to ensure you have all the info you need. The professionals at SmarTax, LLC.want to ensure that you have all the information you need going into tax season this year. It is essential to be aware of all tax laws as they may affect you. For further information, call or contact us today, Pembroke Pines. We offer the best tax accountant near me.